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Transactional Work With A Litigation Edge

The entertainment industry runs on contracts, requiring a deep understanding of the typical terms that go into each type of industry contract. However, many attorneys who specialize in drafting these transactional documents only understand them from the perspective of what is and isn't “normal” in the industry. They only think about how their drafting will fare at the negotiation table, not if it ever ends up in a court of law — as so many entertainment contracts do.

Johnson & Johnson, LLP, is different. Our attorneys are, first and foremost, litigators. They have seen how contracts fall apart in real-world disputes. Because of this, they know how to prevent such vulnerabilities from appearing in future contracts. Our firm can bring a litigator's eye to your business deals, identify problems that most transactional attorneys would never spot, and work with you to help make your contracts as “litigation-proof” as they can possibly be.

Contracts Fortified By Decades Of Courtroom Experience

As the old saying goes, a litigator is someone who has seen transactions go wrong. Whether a contract was silent on an important issue, ambiguous as to the parties' obligations, lacked an adequate enforcement mechanism, ran contrary to overriding law, or went against the parties' actual course of conduct, our litigators have dealt with it all. Not only have these cases sharpened our skills in the courtroom, but they have also granted us invaluable insight regarding how best to keep our transactional clients from becoming our litigation clients.

At Johnson & Johnson, we draw not only on a wealth of transactional templates and past deals, but also on an evergreen roster of business litigation matters that have revealed the pressure points of various “typical” deal formats used by other attorneys. We identify these areas of weakness and craft creative and cutting-edge deal terms to keep our clients one step ahead of the industry at large.

Allow Our Versatile Attorneys To Protect Your Business

When we see a third party's contract falter in court, we work to ensure its mistakes are never replicated in our own work. No deal by our clients is signed without a team of critical eyes poring over the document and scouring for weaknesses that would elude detection from a traditional transactional attorney. Whether we are revising an opposing party's contract or starting from scratch, we are ready to provide you with the protection you deserve.

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