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Net Profits

Ensuring You Receive The Royalties And Profits You Deserve

Studios and record labels often make the process for compensating talent unnecessarily complex — a practice famously referred to as “Hollywood accounting.” The resulting confusion can make it very difficult for royalty and profit participants to know whether they are receiving the full compensation that they are due. Unfortunately, history has repeatedly shown that you cannot trust studios and labels to pay you what you deserve. All too often, our lawyers have dug into their accounting practices, only to reveal gross underpayment of deserved talent.

At Johnson & Johnson, LLP, our team will carefully evaluate your contracts and compare your agreed-upon compensation structure to your actual compensation received. Our seasoned entertainment law attorneys will demand that you be paid what you are owed, and our reputation as unflinching litigators ensures that such demands will be taken seriously.

Safeguarding The Auditing Process

The first step in protecting your right to compensation is ensuring that you have a clear picture of your compensation structure. At Johnson & Johnson, LLP, we can conduct thorough financial audits of studios and labels to identify any discrepancies between how you are being compensated versus what you are actually owed.

While many industry contracts — particularly those offering contingent compensation — include audit provisions, they alone will not protect your interests. Studio- and label-run audits are notoriously drawn out, secretive, and costly for talent. In many cases, these audits are manipulated by the studios and labels to pad their own profit margins. We ensure that you have a team working on your side to double-check the numbers and safeguard against the financial trickery that can otherwise accompany an unscrutinized audit.

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