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Expertise in Art Law Matters: Trusted Guidance in Art Transactions, Commercially Successful Results in Disputes

Johnson and Johnson's art law group has deep experience representing clients in navigating the issues that arise in the art world. We can deliver on client objectives in transactions and disputes that touch the art world in any way. We have represented artists, photographers, art dealers, galleries, auction houses, art advisors, museums, collectors, and foundations—and we have sometimes been involved in resolving disputes involving these same constituents. Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, we are familiar with the milieu of artists, dealers, talent agencies, collectors, galleries, and museums that have migrated to Los Angeles over the past decade. As Los Angeles edges closer to becoming the new art capital of the world, we can help you navigate any deal or dispute relating to art from our office in Beverly Hills.

Pragmatic, effective representation in disputes; decisive action in art litigation.

We can assist you with the negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and litigation of disputes that arise in any way related to art. Our aim is to find means of resolving your conflict discretely and efficiently, wherever possible, as negotiated settlements and mediated solutions are often confidential, quicker, cheaper, and less disruptive, in keeping with the prevailing norms of discretion in the art world.

If litigation is the best course, we will take decisive action to pursue your rights or defend your interests in state or federal court. Our acumen in complex civil litigation, combined with deep understanding of the art world, has helped us achieve commercially successful results. We have been involved in the most high-profile and significant art litigation matters, including litigation concerning the rights to and legacy of Robert Indiana's art; the Goldsmith v. Warhol case in the Southern District of New York; and trademark infringement litigation in the Central District of California between street art legend Futura and North Face relating to the company's alleged misappropriation of the signature mark at the core of Futura's practice, to name a few.  We are feared adversaries in litigation, and if a dispute demands it, we will tenaciously pursue the matter from prefiling investigation to jury verdict in state or federal court.

Recognized thought leaders in art law and intellectual property.

Johnson & Johnson's art law group benefits from extensive practical knowledge and experience dealing with transactions and events within the unique environs of the art world. You can call on us for wide ranging legal advice for all matters relating to art, whether you have a question about the obligations arising from a purchase agreement for a major painting, modes of protecting intellectual property arising from a new AI-assisted art installation, or if you need our help protecting your mural or graffiti work under the Visual Artist's Rights Act.  We can assist with deals and licenses between artists and brands, as we have worked with some of the world's most renowned and successful artists in deals with some of the world's largest and most esteemed brands. We also regularly assist in issues relating to the ownership and sale of art. Our lawyers regularly hold CLEs and panel discussions on emerging changes in the art law landscape, and our immersion has led to our publications on contemporary art theory and art criticism on and

We know the law at the intersection of art and emerging technology.

We know how to handle disputes and deals at the intersection of emerging technology and art.  We are on the pulse of emerging precedent and new challenges arising from the implementation of emerging technologies in art. Johnson & Johnson has battle-tested strategies to assist our clients in commercializing technological advances relating to art, in exciting areas like artificial intelligence assisted art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).When combined with our bedrock understanding of the laws surrounding traditional art and cultural property, we offer pragmatic, integrated guidance for artists and art organizations engaging with new technologies. Harness our expertise to make commercially successful deals or to do the diligence to confirm compliance with implementation of new technologies in your artwork or art enterprise. Should a dispute arise at the border of art and technology, we can also provide the fortitude you need.

We will advance and protect your interests in any matter that touches on art.

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