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Partnership Disputes

Helping Business Partners Find The Right Solution

A lot is at stake when you and your business partner decide how to operate your company, share profits, and divide responsibilities. While partnerships begin with the best of intentions, it's easy for this relationship to sour when disputes arise between partners. Unfortunately, this can distract from day-to-day operations and jeopardize your company's success.

At Johnson & Johnson, LLP, our team understands the stress that you are under and how a dispute can threaten your future business. We aim to efficiently and effectively create a resolution, so that you can return to building your company and protecting its long-term stability.

Tailoring Our Approach To Meet Your Needs

Each partnership is unique, and its issues require a tailored legal approach. Our lawyers will carefully evaluate your case's circumstances, business structure, unique industry factors, and established contracts before developing a personalized strategy that best serves your needs.

In many cases, we can resolve disputes through thoughtful negotiation. This approach can be especially valuable for business partners to decrease rancor and foster a more positive relationship moving forward. However, some disputes must be resolved in litigation, and we will fiercely protect your interests in California's courts if necessary.

Discuss Your Case With A Seasoned Team

Our business law attorneys are ready and able to resolve your partnership dispute. We have significant experience representing clients in disputes over contracts, unfair competition, fraud, and intellectual property law. Whether you run a startup or work for a multipartner firm, we can guide you in the right direction.

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