Model Monika Zsibrita Says Not a Gold Digger, Gets Lawsuit Against Chris Rock Unsealed: Did Rock Open Up This Can of Worms?
February 27, 2009

The L.A. Times reports that model-turned-stay-at-home-mom, Monika Zsibrita, has had her civil lawsuit against Chris Rock unsealed by a court…… Interestingly, it was the latter “potshots” on Stern’s show that may have, in part, contributed to allowing the suit to come to public light. Zsibrita’s attorney, Neville Johnson, says she first filed the suit under seal “because she did not want to run afoul of the confidentiality agreement contained in a 2000 settlement of the paternity case.” He argued further:

“that Zsibrita should not be bound by the agreement because Rock had talked about her during a 2004 appearance on Stern’s show. According to a summary of the show included in court papers, the comedian said that his sexual liaison with Zsibrita was consensual and that he had been set up by a Nigerian hustler who was actually the father of her child.”